Poe-try (What’s new with you?)

What’s new with you?
What’s new with me?
What’s new with me is poetry,
The art without, boundaries,
The art, one could not go without,
Without a mind
Without a voice
Life bounded without poetry.            (Bounded without a choice, for poetry)
For poetry sets me free,
It is new with me,
What is new with you?

Hello world!

This “brand” new bog was started to try and fill a gap:

gap /gap/

  1. A break or hole in an object or between two objects: “he came through the gap in the hedge”.
  2. A pass or way through a range of hills.
Synonyms: opening – hole – hiatus – aperture – space – interval

I find myself always busy with something, but then amounting to “nothing” and while being deadly sick, today I stayed at home.

I usually am never home, even to begin with, I did not arrive at home to stay there until ~1pm, because I had slept in at my girlfriends house. Watched the Seahawks make a great comeback against the Chicago Bears.  (http://www.thenewstribune.com/2012/12/02/2388027/seattle-seahawks-vs-chicago-bears.html).

It was a very impressive comeback, especially with calls being made in favour of The Bears.

Once at home though, I dropped my things in my room..  With clothes all over the floor, and the bed un-made, dropping my backpack and tote bag down paired the rest of the disaster.

Being winter and such, I went outside and quickly shovelled little bits of the driveway and walkway, because the mail man has been complaining our walkway is “too icy” to deliver mail.  (Plain ridiculous because for several reasons: (1) its mid-winter in northern BC, Canada, (2) The road and everyone else’s driveway is icy, and (3) We had our special mail from Guatemala delivered today, by different CanadaPost man, and he had no problems or complaints.

Anyways, so after shovelling I finished some marking (Organic Chem. Labs), chilled with my roommate, we’ll call, “Thing #1“.

#1 and I setup a Wii, then Netflix, and then made it American, btw could not tell the difference.  After that we sat around for a while trying to find things to do… Talked to each other (quiet intellectual..) and coaxed Thing #1 of going to the gym and to Costco instead, where it was closed when we arrived, Futureshop was lame, and Wal-mart, way less busy then usual.

It wasn’t long before I returned to my girlfriends house, as she returned from work, and I had discovered WordPress.com and thought I would give it a shot, and fill this gap of:

Time? Thought? maybe even Meaning?


Lol, last little note, my girlfriend was like, “What are you doing? Blogging? Wtf? You should be studying for your final, not blogging, You’re so Weird.”